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Guardian Coffee Company



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Coffee Roast: Medium

Experience pure deliciousness with our all-natural, sweet, and buttery caramel-flavored coffee. Every sip transports you to a realm of unparalleled taste, whether you enjoy it black or enhance it with your preferred creamer or sweetener. Craft your own dreamy and creamy latte or cappuccino that surpasses any coffee shop creation. Get ready to savor the exquisite difference that Caramel brings to your cup!

At Guardian Coffee Company, we take pride in crafting flavored coffees that stand above the rest. It all begins with our meticulous roasting process, where specialty-grade, single-origin beans are roasted to a medium smoothness. At precisely the right moment, we delicately infuse our top-quality flavoring oils, ensuring that every sip delivers the perfect balance of aroma and taste.

We are not just passionate about creating gourmet coffee beans; we are also a veteran-owned local coffee roaster, committed to excellence and quality in every batch. When you choose our Caramel Coffee, you're supporting our dedication to providing exceptional coffee to coffee lovers like you.

Treat yourself to the captivating flavors of our Caramel Coffee and experience the distinction of a gourmet blend crafted with love and expertise.

*All Natural Coffee Flavoring

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